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Financial Services Excellence for Over 25 Years.

About Us

At Gacich Financial Inc. it is our goal to provide the best service at the best service at the best value to our clients. We offer a variety of products and services including; life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance, financial planning, group benefits, and retirement plans. Our experience and knowledge allows us to evaluate each situation closely and determine the best suited option for each client. We have an independant status and deal with all Canadian insurance companies allowing us to make the most objective decisions when advising clients.

About Us

We have been in business for over 25 years offering research, financial advisory and performance benchmarking services in respect to benefits, retirement programs and executive compensation. we design and manage clients' programs from the biggest picture to the smallest detail. Our clients expect more than periodic meetings and fair value from their plans: they expect creative benefit plans that save them money in the long run while providing exceptional coverage.

One important factor which distinguishes Gacich Financial from other brokers is that we perform a cash flow analysis of our client's current and prior benefit plans. Often our clients discover that they can save a lot of money by self-insuring their benefits. Wee take the extra time and professional approach to see if your are a suitable candidate for this type of program. At the end of the day, we put the client first and as independent consultants we work for our clients without any allegiance to any insurance company or brokerage.


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Tad is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and McMaster University where he obtained his law degree and Bachelors of Arts & Science respectively. He also has Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designations.

Our Products

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Our Services

Group Benefits

As an employer, profit maximization depends on employee retention. There is no doubt that one of the most attractive features of a job is a good benefits plan. With a customized benefits plan, your company can attract and retain the best talent, all while receiving the best rates possible. At Gacich Financial, we search the market on your behalf, recommend optimum solutions, customize your employee benefits plan and keep your employees protected at affordable rates. Regardless of the size of your company, we are happy to help you configure the right plan for you and your employees.  

Group RRSPs and Pensions

Finances are one of the leading causes of stress today. This stress can cause higher absenteeism and lower productivity in the workplace. A simple way to reduce the negative impact of stress your employees mat face is to offer group savings plans, such as a group RRSP or group pension program. Giving employees the tools and incentives to save their future will ease their stress, increase productivity and enhance retention. Gacich Financial is highly experienced in configuring such programs and would be pleased to work with you to discover the options best suited to your company and employees.

Insurance Products

Gacich Financial has over 25 years of experience in all facets of insurance including permanent life, term life, critical illness (covering an array of illnesses and conditions such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer's disease, major organ transplant, paralysis, and more), disability and administrative services only (ASO) insurance products. Given the vast array of products, carriers, coverage's and price points available, it makes sense to consult with a objective professional team like Gacich Financial to asses your options and craft the right approach.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than finding the right investments and saving money. It's about determining your goals for the future and creating a comprehensive plan to achieve them. Planning for the future is never a bad idea. We offer services and products that make planning for the future simple and affordable, including insurance plans to keep you and your family protected, education savings programs (RESPs), retirement savings programs (RRSPs), segregated funds, syndicated mortgages and other investments to meet your unique requirements.

Group Benefits
Group RRSPs
Financial Planning


I have known Tad for over a decade and can attest he is an exceptional financial advisor who understands the needs of a growing business. Whether it is individual insurance or group benefit plans, Tad is an expert at configuring the right solution.

—  Michael C. Chettleburgh 

     President, Axilogic Inc.

  • What is Critical Illness Insurance
    Critical illness insurance is coverage which protects those within a certain age range from the financial stress of a critical illness. Although recent technology and advancements in the medical industry are improving, the survival rates of victims of critical illness and the read to recovery can be long, stressful and expensive. Critical illness insurance covers a wide variety of illness including but not limited to: Heart attack Stroke Cancer Kidney failure Alzheimer's disease Major organ transplant Paralysis Once a claim is made and approved, clients recieve a lump-sum of money which they can use however they see fit. Whether it be to cover medical costs not covered bt provincial health plans, fund a leave of absence from work, or simply kepp up with everyday expenses, the choice is yours. Prices may vary depending on age and health, making it important to find the right plan. At Gacich Financial Inc. we will find the best plan for you.
  • What is administrative services only (ASO) insurance?
    Adminstrative services only (ASO) is one method of insurance which can significantly reduce costs to an employer. With this form of insurance, the employer provides the benefits to employees on a self-insured bases , meaning to premiumis paid to the insurer, the employer only pays for actual claims.
  • What is disability insurance?
    In the event of an accident ot development of a disability, one's ability to earn income may be hindered. Having disability insurance can protect you from the financial stress of a loss or reduction of income. Disability insurance is desinged to replace income in the event of a disability which prevents you from working. There are 3 types of disability insurance: Coverage for when a client is unable to preform at a job which that would be otherwise qualified for due to their disability. Partial: Coverage for when a client is unable to perform certain duties of a job they would otherwise be qualifed for due to their disability. Residual: Coverage for income the client can no longer earn when back at work due to their disability.
  • What are segregated funds?
    Segregated funds are a type of investment which are similar to mutual funds except they are adminsited by insurance companies. These investments include many guarentees and advantages not available through mutual funds. Advantages of segregated funds include: High flexibilty: clients have the ability to access funds at any time. Effecient estate transfer: upon death proceeds are paid directly to beneficiary and probate is bypassed. Maturity and death guarnatee: funds guarentee return upon maturity and death, which can range to 75% to 100%. Protection from creditors: in an event of bankruptcy or lawsuit investments within segregated funds are protected from creditors. Higher privacy: segregated funds are not part of the estate and upon death proceeds are paid to the beneficiary privately.
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